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300,000 patients suffer a hip fracture annually in the US, with an economic burden of $12Bn. A single hip fracture episode costs $40,000 to the healthcare payor. The incidence and economic burden is expected to rise by 50% by 2025. With traditional screw fixation, reoperations occur in 6% of patients, at 120% the cost of the index case (i.e. an additional $50,000 for a reoperation case). A typical hospital fixing 250 hip fractures will spend an addtional $750,000 annually in reoperation costs, equating to a $3,000 premium per patient episode and notwithstanding the massive functional and emotional impact on these typically elderly frail patients.

Hip fixation failure and reoperation is most often due to 'cut-out' with poor bone quality and thus poor anchorage in the femoral head. Modelling the idea/concept of wall fixation expanding bolts, the X-Bolt gives strong anchorage with rotational stability, minimum bone disruption, and avoids spinning the femoral head. It is also easily reversible and removable, if need be.  X-Bolt Orthopaedics was established in 2007, with CE Mark and first clinical cases in 2011.

Clinical studies include the WHITE One (n=100) and WHITE Four (n=964) randomized control trials, XHS vs SHS, with a 0% X-BOLT reoperation rate in the published WHITE One study.




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